FACP Tube Celebrates 1 year & Introduces EAEP Tube
November 7, 2011
Today marks one year since the launch of FACP Tube and as you can see many things have changed since then. More churches are participating by not only making their videos available to us, but also hosting their videos with us. The videos have been divided into groups to make searching easier. Features like Save, Embed and Share have been implemented. Next, we are in a process of converting our videos to MP4 and redesigning our video player to HTML5. This will allow videos to be playable on your mobile phones, including iPad and iPhone.

Here are a few interesting facts about www.facptube.com:

6,500 videos
100,000 visitors in one year

With that said, and as we enter our second year, we would like to introduce to you another project we have been working on: www.eaeptube.com. EAEP Tube offers a 24 hour television program through the Internet and will work in cooperation with FACP Tube. The difference is: EAEP Tube will be LIVE Video Streaming and FACP Tube will be ON DEMAND Video Streaming. All Sermons, Testimonies, Video Clips and Hymns, which are archived on FACP Tube, will now be played on EAEP Tube in a Television Schedule Format.

With your help we will continue to grow and touch souls all around the world!

May God bless you all!

Introducing FACP Tube
November 7, 2010
We would like to introduce to you a new website created for the spreading of the Word of God. www.facptube.com

FACP Tube is a network of the Free Apostolic Church of Pentecost. Our purpose is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

FACP Tube aims to be a central location for all sermons preached at our churches. Our goal is to gather all the video sermons from our churches and websites, and make them available to our visitors. As of now FACP Tube consists of video sermons taken from our churches in Greece, specifically from Kifisia and Nikaia.

We hope you enjoy your visit to FACP Tube and visit us often, as our database of sermons is updated daily.

If your church publishes sermons but the sermons are not included on FACP Tube, please contact us and we will update our database accordingly.

If your church does not publish sermons and would like to use our services free of charge please contact us.

The website is still in beta. Many more videos will be added soon. English Sermons will be added soon.

God bless you all.

Invitation to the 14th Convention in Warren, Ohio
February 6, 2007
Just like every year, it will be our joy to invite you at the 14th Pan-American Convention of the Free Apostolic Church of Pentecost in Warren, Ohio. The convention will take place Memorial Day weekend on May 25-27. For more information or if you would like to attend please contact the church at www.greekpentecostalchurch.org.

News from the 5th Youth Convention in New York
September 6, 2006
With many blessings the 5th Youth Convention of the Free Apostolic Church of Pentecost was held on September 2-3 in New York. Brother John Papadelis, pastor of the church in Cleveland with his family and Brother Pete Perialis, elder in the church in Warren were all present accompanied by young brethren from their churches. Testimonies were heard from the youth which touched our hearts and we received strength to continue with the Lord.
On Sunday there was a dedication, Nick the newborn son of John Papadelis followed by a baptism. In the end we ate together and glorified the name of the Lord.

Invitation to the 5th Youth Convention in NY
August 2 2006
You are all invited to the 5th Pan-American Youth Convention being held in New York. The convention will be held during the Labor Day weekend. Youth from around the United States including Greece will be gathered to glorify our Lord. All are welcome.

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